It’s in his text

One ‘x’? Two ? ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’?

When you think about the amount of time we spend deciphering the post or pre-date text, the phrase ‘instant messaging’ becomes a bit of a joke. Luckily, just in case you don’t have your gal pals round to help out with the decoding of what he’s said, a new American website has all the advice you need. lets women share the texts they receive with other online users creating an community of decoders – a sort of 21st Century Bletchley Park without the imminent threat of attack. Others vote on whether he’s ‘into you’, ‘not into you’ or if the ‘verdict’s still out’. And if you’re still stuck they have a team of in-house ‘bros’, Mason, Ben, Tim, Chris and Brian on hand to give a male insight.

Sorry boys but at the moment text from your female date will just have to wait as is still under construction.  You can sign up to the newsletter though for the announcement of its arrival.

It’s been so popular that friends Carrie Henderson McDermott and Lisa Winning have been able to give up the day job to concentrate on confusing texts full time. It’s also one of the best procrastination tools we know…


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