Dating profile replies – a how to guide

Response nerves

It’s the great leap into the abyss. You’ve seen a profile you like. It feels like the terrifying moment when you go up to that girl/guy you like in a bar but at least with online dating you’ve got a second to think about what you’re going to say.

Imagine what you would say to that person in a bar. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t naturally say out loud. Formalities don’t work. One hapless man we know tried “I want to show my interest in knowing you better”. Polite yes ,but our girl was not impressed.

It’s important to be funny but don’t try too hard. You can always see through it and remember tone of voice doesn’t come across in writing nor does nervously laughing it off.

Try and mention something they’ve written about in their profile. What caught your eye about them? What do you have in common? Even if it’s a tiny detail or a bit wacky. One guy didn’t like mushrooms. The girl did. Sparks flew. Opposites can attract, even in fungi related matters.

Don’t be cheesy: “I’m looking for someone to make me smile”. Cringe. Cliche’s are overused on Valentine’s Day let alone the rest of the year. Equally, don’t big yourself up too much. Arrogance can be attractive but it doesn’t really work on paper. Show a bit of weakness. That’s endearing.

Basically just be truthful, be you. If you want to find the person that you click best with you’re not going to do that by pretending to be a cartoon of yourself.

Just FYI, writing “have a lovely day” at the end was controversial.


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