Niche Dating Site of the Week

Sadly it’s not about food; it’s about love… and music. A website that automatically matches you to people who listen to the same music as you – through, of course. It’s very clever and internet-y.

Who? Indie types that like to talk about, you know, bands and music and stuff.

Why? Because you can eliminate those awkward moments on a first date, like, when, you’ve just slated your date’s favourite (and rubbish) band and don’t know how to recover the situation (we’ve all been there). And who doesn’t want to talk about the music they love with people who love it too? And it’s always good to find new gig partners, regardless of the love interest.

We like: That Blink-182 badman, Mark Hoppus, endorses the site, and has wise words to say about it too. Oh, and it’s free!

Watch out: It’s addictive, and could lead to over-picking. Just remember to be adventurous; sometimes its nice to meet people that don’t like that four piece indie band from Slough as much as you do.


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