Review: BlendR

Given that BlendR is based on GrindR, an app popular among the gay community for its guarantee of hot sex with strangers, I should have known what to expect.

I signed up nonetheless, optimistic and intrigued. Within four hours, the account was deleted.

To enter into the BlendR mobile community, you set up a profile featuring a couple of photos and hobbies and interests selected from a list. The app then geo-locates you and allows you to see which other fun-loving singles are nearby, who can contact you through BlendR’s instant messenger. Having had a little chat, you can then meet up with your new date, and, er… “socialise”.

The app itself was simple to set up and easy to use. I opted to log in through Facebook, ensuring to select “Only Me” when it asked me who could see posts from BlendR. Startlingly, even before selecting my hobbies, I began to receive messages. “Hi bbz” and “u ok sweetie ;)” rolled in. These chaps were clearly not interested in my personality: they wanted me only for my geographic proximity. I noticed that some of the suitors were less than a kilometre away, and started to feel a little uneasy.

Once I had selected my hobbies (television, friends, and dogs) I could scroll through the portfolio of photos of nearby males.

Clearly, some were telling porkies, as a host of male-model head shots and wash-board six-packs spun down the screen. One chap was particularly proud of his Chanel iPhone case.

In the information section of the app there is a demonstration instant messenger conversation, which reads: -“So you like swimming as well?:)” – “Love it! Where do you usually go?” I can assure you, the messages were nowhere near this wholesome. One guy even stated that he was “engorged” and asked me to meet him in a cupboard. I began to see the dark side of BlendR.

With messages pouring in from men as little as 800 metres away paranoia crept in. Were some so close they could actually see me? If I did agree to meet with someone, what was to stop them from mugging me? What would happen if I saw one of my mates popped up on screen, or worse, my own father? With that thought, I deleted BlendR.

BlendR clearly is not the means by which to find a soul mate, nor to meet new people with similar interests. It is, however, fast-paced and exciting, and allows for a no-strings sexual experience with a complete stranger. If this does sound like your cup of tea, the normal safety rules apply: don’t give out any personal details, meet up in a public place and trust your instincts.


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