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Hi Graham,

I saw this guy on a dating website who I really like the look of (don’t want to say too much about him because then he will see and I will be mega embarrassed). Anyway, I think we could really hit it off as we have a similar taste in cringey action films and Italian food. The thing is I can hardly see his profile picture, it’s blurry and dark, and I don’t know if it’s rude to ask for him show a clearer one.

It’s not that I’m superficial, I just want to see what I’m getting – if you see what I mean.

Please help!

Love, Anon.

See what Graham has to say below.

This is a problem that Graham comes up against time and time again, so fear not loved one. One of the biggest drawbacks of online dating is the limitations of profile pictures. It’s almost impossible to tell what someone really looks like from a photo that they have purposefully chosen to show their best side. What is important in your case though, is that your shared interests have come first. Of that, my dear, you should be proud. Of course you want to know what he looks like. Initial attraction is a really important part of dating. That doesn’t make you shallow. My advice is to send him a message, start a conversation, and if you hit it off and do want to chat about Vin Diesel over a carbonara, you can ask for a clearer photo then, “so you’ll be able to recognise him” if you do meet up.

Good luck, happy dating.

G x

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