Muddy Matches

What? Like mud? Looking for a date who likes mud? Then here the two are combined in perfect harmony. Not just for country bumpkins and shooting types, this site is for all “country minded” people for which the uniting factor is, apparently, you guessed it, a love of mud.

Who? Mud lovers (and that includes enjoying the occasional scratch around in Hyde Park). As site owners, Emma and Lucy, point out no one is all muddy or all townie so they have a sliding scale of “a muddy”, “muddiness”, “muddily”, “muddier” and “muddiest”.

Why? It’s not all about the city. This is a literal breath of fresh air for the city dating scene. Did someone say something about a roll in the hay?

We like: The original muddy take. Plus, they also cater specifically to certain needs. Want to meet someone who enjoys treks off to the South Downs for a weekend but likes to be back for cocktails on a Sunday night? Then this is a good place to start.

Watch out: However much they promote the scale of one to muddy, even if you are only 10 per cent country lover, you do actually have to like the country. This isn’t for a city slicker to win a novelty fling with a farmer. If you are someone who can’t wait for the London skies to turn grey so you can whip out your Hunters though, the shoe will definitely fit.


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