The Date Guy’s 7 principles of London dating: part one, Breakfast

The Date Guy says breakfast is the best time of day for a date.

The Date Guy says breakfast is the best time of day for a date.

Graham knows a lot about dating, but not everything. There are plenty of other love and date gurus around and in the interest of sharing, we thought we’d introduce you to some.

Over the next seven days ‘The Date Guy’ will be giving us a daily piece of London dating advice. After a brief introduction from the man himself, his first nugget of wisdom is all about the most important meal of the day. Enjoy, young lovers.

@the_date_guy says: “A few years ago I decided to start visiting European cities for weekends with the ignominious purpose of chatting up foreign women. It was a plan that sprang from a conversation with a friend about the sexiest accents, a broad feeling that there was an exciting world we were missing out on. As a secret hobby I would recommend it, but what we quickly discovered was that there is no better city in the world to meet people and date than London. It is a city full of people looking for interesting experiences, and if you are single and living here, consider yourself very lucky. There are a few principles, you will ignore them, then regret it, then realise I was right, then think I’m great. Happy dating.”

  1. Breakfast dates are massively underrated.

We all know the primary benefit of an evening date is the proximity of alcohol, but dating in the morning gives you the freedom to spend the rest of the day together, if you’ve fallen in love, or end it quickly if you hate the sight of them. Every area of London has a few good breakfast places. I’m all about Caravan on Exmouth Market at the moment.

Image credit: Ellie Clayton


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