Dating Friends: The Date Guy’s 7 Principles of London Dating – Part 3

Don't date friends of friends

Don’t date friends of friends

Graham knows a lot about dating, but not everything. There are plenty of other love and date gurus around and in the interest of sharing, we thought we’d introduce you to some.

Today’s nugget of wisdom from ‘The Date Guy’ is all about dating inside your social circle.

            3. Never date friends of friends.

Dating a friend’s friend is like making a sex tape; whilst it may provide a great deal of stimulation and excitement at the time, long after the relationship ends it’s still hovering around your life somewhere. The fastest way to shrink your social circle is to split up with your friend’s sister’s mate. Quickly it feels weird to be at a party where they are there and then you find out they are dating someone else from the group, and then you fancy someone else’s friend but they know about your history…it’s a minefield.

The truth about London is it is a place full of lonely people dying to meet someone, and you are missing out on a whole city full of unique people as soon as you restrict your love life to your best friend’s work colleague.

You can follow the date guy on Twitter, or read yesterday’s nugget of wisdom here.

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3 responses to “Dating Friends: The Date Guy’s 7 Principles of London Dating – Part 3

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  2. Love the variety of your articles on here – such a wide spread of stuff and really creative content, and genuinely interesting pieces I want to read. Love it.

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