Niche Dating Site of the Week: Veggie Romance  

Are you fed up of finding out that you’re being questioned overbearingly by your carnivorous date for happily enjoying the meat and two veg without the meat? Well, then, is for you.  It’s all about matching vegetarian or vegan singletons with other, like-minded, vegetarian or vegan singletons.

Who? It’s for those omnivores that feel that their meat-free palates and kitchen utensils just won’t meld well with the carnivores out there.

Why? Set up in 2003, the site is now international and gives you the opportunity to meet other vegetarians from all over the world. No longer will a vegetarian have to awkwardly go over their chosen lifestyle arguments in the restaurant on the first date.

We like:  That aside from being just a dating website, also features plenty of resources for its users. The forum section especially seems particularly apt – users can post their recommended vegetarian recipes, dates and times for vegetarian meet-up groups, and links to special vegetarian-themed events. Also, the site gets some great reviews, here is one user who seems to be very grateful:

‘Hi Guys,
Please remove my profile from the site. I have found her in less than 7 days!
Cheers For everything’

Watch out: Meat eaters really aren’t welcome, most users are signed up to for a reason: they want to meet other vegetarians!

Image courtesy of The Green Party of Ireland

Image courtesy of The Green Party of Ireland


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