Cows are online dating too

No longer lonely at the farmyard

No longer lonely at the farmyard

There’s lots of chatter about the growth of the online dating trend. But it’s not just humans who are finding the perfect partners to take for a roll in the hay online.

According to the West Sussex County Times, farmer Tim Gue of Huddlestone Farm, Steyning, is testing a new online programme which matches his cows to their ideal bull. The site is more like as obviously cloven hooves make it difficult for cows to write their own profiles.


A herd of eligible cows from Steyning, West Sussex, are now dating online

Mr Gue creates a profile page for each of his cows with details of their breed, temperament, character type and what they look like. Farmers can then search for well-matched bulls.

Before company Holstein UK came up with the technology, Mr Gue would spend hours trawling through catalogues of bulls to find his cows a mate.

He told the West Sussex County Times: “It was really hard work before. The programme is really easy to use. Farmers know what sort of cows suit their farm and the programme allows you to see which of a group of bulls are best suited to them.”

The software is called WebMate and if you’re interested, you can find out more about it here. How romoontic.


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