Don’t be lonely: The Date Guy’s 7 principles of London dating, Part 7

The Date Guy's final principle

The Date Guy’s final principle

So, the time has come. Today we wave goodbye to The Date Guy and his wisdom. Have you learnt a lot? This London guru’s final principle is all about not being lonely.

Dont be lonely

This one’s the most important. London is an easy place to get lost in and feel isolated, but there are a million small things you can do that gradually connect you with the kind of people you want to spend time with. Go to the theatre, enjoy coffee shops, join my date club, but never ever sit in your room when you are feeling down. Contrary to popular belief London is a friendly city and your presence in it is required.

Read The Date Guys last post here, remember to follow him on twitter.

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One response to “Don’t be lonely: The Date Guy’s 7 principles of London dating, Part 7

  1. This has been a great series – now go back and re-edit it to make it even better. You need a list to all of the other parts now, and think about headlines – the first few words are important so try flipping it (“Don’t be lonely – the Date Guy’s 7 principles part 7”).
    What about useful links related to the principle?

    Your images need to consider copyright – where were they taken from? What is the licence? Does it require attribution? (Most do). This is something you’ll be marked on under law, ethics and strategy.

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