Niche Dating Site of the Week:

A screenshot of the homepage

A screenshot of the homepage

This is an online dating site for people that have contracted sexually transmitted diseases and want to meet people who also live with them. Created in 2006 by (who run a host of niche dating sites from to it has had a lot of press attention in recent months.

Who? It’s for people with STIs that want to meet others without STIs.

Why?  Nationally, STIs are on the rise. There were 426,867 new diagnoses of STIs in 2011, 31,154 new cases of genital herpes and 76,071 new cases of genital warts. So it makes complete sense for there to be a website that is dedicated to helping people find love without the awkward conversation of telling a new partner you have an STI. Also, the UK version of the site has over 30,000 users so must be doing something right…

And if you are planning on having sex with your partner after an offline date make sure that you take all the necessary precautions, especially make sure that you have condoms on you. For more advice on how to stay safe on an Online One Night Stand, check out our previous post on the subject.

We like: Sites like this offer people who may have thought that their dating days were over the chance to get back into the game. Furthermore, the site isn’t just there to help users find love, once registered (for free!) you can have a live online chat with a health counsellor or a live dating advisor. There is also a section with up to date STI information and a list of local treatment centres and clinics.

Watch out: Some have openly supported the premise,  whereas some have felt that it has encouraged the stigma attached to living with STIs. The sexual health charity FPA (Family Planning Association) does not endorse the site. Nakita Halil, the FPA director of information told the BBC in March that someone living with an STI does not only have to date other people with STIs. She said: ‘We wouldn’t endorse [this site], the reality is that you can have a happy, healthy sex life without transmitting [an STI]”.


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