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Dear Graham, I like this person a lot and I’m pretty sure he did like me too. But as soon as things started to be going well, he has been really awkward around me in front of our friends. In turn this has made me really awkward, it’s very cringy, and now we barely communicate. Why can’t I be confident in front of him? Should I try to or should I just move on? It all seems very childish! 

It appears you have a case of man-boyitis. Graham is by no means one to reinforce gender stereotypes but there comes a point in many fledging courtships when somebody needs to MAN UP. By the sounds of it, you’ve got a shy one. The question here though, can you really date a wimp. In my wisened opinion you have two options.

First, you need to decide if you really do like him. If so, can you shoulder the pain, the awkwardness and the downright rudeness? It is always worth remembering that in any relationship you have to take the good with the bad. Is his shyness and childishness part of the reason you’re attracted to him. If not, do his good bits outweigh it? If the answer to all this is positive then stick it out, make sure you take the lead, maybe it is up to you to MAN UP, I’m sure he’ll settle down soon.

But, if the answer to all these is not so positive I need you to think carefully. If you don’t feel the urge to take the lead so early on, can you really be bothered to stick it out with a man boy?

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