The dating boom

Did you know that you’re a part of a boom industry?

Now just ‘a’ boom industry in fact. Online dating is being referred to as the boom industry in Britain thanks to contributions of over £170 million to the British economy in 2011, according to a Daily Mail report.

The online dating review company, Metaflake, have found that a huge nine million Britons have logged onto an online dating site – the second most of any country in Europe (behind Sweden – it’s cold up north).

On the back of this exciting information (Our Graham loves a boom), we decided to do some digging into the numbers and what we found was quite eye-opening…

dating boom infographic

These last stats we found in an interesting article again posted by the Mail Online. It also says that one fifth of all relationships start out online. So really, what are you waiting for?

Here’s a few sites Our Graham recommends to get you started

1) Cupid – according to Metaflake one of the UK’s biggest

2) Guardian Soulmates – thought to be where the ‘thinking’ people like to post a profile. Like the newspaper personals column that has jumped online.

3) OK Cupid – a huge and all-round popular sites. They run a very interesting blog if you’d like to know more about statistics.

4) My Single Friend – to embarrassed to write your profile yourself? That’s ok – My Single Friend lets you get a friend to fill it out.

5) Plenty of Fish – has the most traffic of any UK site. Unsurprisingly a massive variety of people (plenty – as the title suggests – to choose from.

Looking for a very particular sort of special someone? Also check out our niche dating sites of the week.


2 responses to “The dating boom

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