How NOT to update your online dating profile.

The much loved aggregate site, Buzzfeed UK, has found the 17 worst internet dating profiles. And, trust Our Graham here, some of them are truly awful… In true Buzzfeed style they don’t even offer much of an explanation… only a paltry, but perfectly reasonable ‘Just. Wow’.

Image via

Image via

The list is mostly collated from the website,, where users are invited to submit others’ useless and downright shocking internet dating profile websites. However, Our Graham can’t help but feel that it is sites like this, not necessarily the online daters themselves, that has given online dating somewhat of a bad rep with younger online users. Just take a look at the results from our survey of 18-25s to see what the younger generations really think about online dating!

If you’re worried about your own profile, however, just have a read of our tips for making the most out of it here.


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