Love lexicon: What your questions reveal about dating in the 21st Century

Since September, Graham has been giving his views on your love problems. From online pictures and profiles, to how to let people down gently, we know that being young and single in London is a bloody minefield, and we wanted to do our upmost to give you all a hand

But, it wasn’t just about helping you out day-to-day. Your questions have revealed a lot about the type of problems you’re all facing. And although the word cloud below (thanks to our friends at tagxedo) might look pretty, it also gives some solid insight into what worries you about love in this scary digital age.

What have you been asking Graham?

What have you been asking Graham?


There are the age old issues of the hunt, the embarrassment, the awkward encounters. But 21st century loving throws up a whole new wealth of problems: Picture resolution, messages, websites. These are now all part of our vocabulary and have joined the growing list putting knots in our stomachs and dominating conversations with friends.



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