Light at the end of the… Internet: Q&A Session

Sometimes internet dating can feel like a real slog. Becoming a bit of a conveyor belt, you go on date after date, meet plenty of nice people but none of them seem to be ‘the one’. Our Graham wants to prove to you that this isn’t true. Some people do actually manage to find their perfect partner online. There is light at the end of the ‘internet’ tunnel…

Photograph by Paysimaginaire

Photograph by Paysimaginaire

Take Charlotte M for instance, a 24 year old accountant who lives in South London. She met her boyfriend, Jack, through the dating website and they have now been together for over two years and have recently moved in together. Our Graham  and some nosy Our Graham followers caught up with Charlotte to find out the secrets behind her (very) successful online dating experience.

Why did you first start online dating? 

I hadn’t intended to get into online dating, but my friend at work had signed me up to, and so I thought I would give it a go. I found my first couple of dates quite scary, but not as scary as a blind date that your friends have set you up on. I figured that if I met a guy through the internet that I wasn’t that into, there was nothing to lose, and I could just move on. There seemed to be a lot less pressure.

How long had you been online dating before you met Jack? 

Bronwen's Q

Jack was actually the firstperson I met through online dating. My friend at work had signed me up to and Jac was one of the first people I contacted. I liked the look of his picture. Though I did go on a couple more first online dates with other guys before I settled for Jack. After our third or fourth date I realised I probably needed to sack the others off. Jack had been signed up for about three months, so he was an old hand at the whole thing.

I did feel young when I met Jack, but at the same time a lot of my closest friends use online dating sites as well – they’re young too!

Did you feel that you knew Jack online before you met him? 

No, not really. He was not very chatty, I think he sent me about five one line messages.

Do you feel embarrassed or proud the fact you met Jack online? 

Chloe Q

Well, I’m proud that I met a boyfriend that I love, and when it comes to my peers I’m not embarrassed. Though, I am quite embarrassed to tell my parents that I met Jack online. I still haven’t told them! They think that we met in a pub in Clapham (which is techincally true – it’s where had our first date).

My parents think that there is a stigma attached to online dating, and that it’s only ‘dodgy’ people that use online dating. I would like to tell them, but i think it might be too late now. Jack hasn’t told his parents the whole truth either. There is definitely a stigma attached to internet dating which I think is totally unfair.

Hopefully Charlotte and Jack will find themselves as happy as these two in 50 years time... Photo by David Boyle

Hopefully Charlotte and Jack will find themselves as happy as these two in 50 years time… Photo by David Boyle

Do you know any other couples that met online? 

Antonia Q

No I don’t actually. Though, about half of my friends are on And some have had very successful ‘flings’, but nothing else.

Do you think that they are inspired by your success? 

Well I hope so! I was shocked at how lucky I was to meet Jack. I definitely encourage everyone who is single to have a go at online dating.


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